To get clients online, you must make a connection with them …
The image your online presence portrays will make or break your business.

It’s so much more than merely being visible!

If you want to be the go to person in your field and you want to attract your ideal clients, then you need to be confident in your plan to get known, get liked and be trusted, to get clients online.

Be Confident in your business

Be Confident

Being confident does not mean you are perfect.

Being confident
means you:

* Are willing to be authentic

* Are willing to think outside the box

* Have a good mental attitude

* Understand that it’s about evolving

* Are persistent and consistent

Be Visible

Being visible equates attracting your ideal clients

Being visible
means you:

* Are found when people search for solutions

* Connect with clients where they already are

* Let your personality shine

* Utilize a variety of platforms

* Understand it’s an ongoing action

Be Liked

Being liked in of itself does not lead to clients.

Being liked
means you:

* Have interesting and relevant content that is shared

* Are being real when you engage with folks

* Have connected with a potential client

* Get comments on your blog posts

* Give A LOT of Value!

Be Trusted

Being trusted is being a Trusted Authority!

Being trusted
means you:

* Respect your clients and treat them well

* Have built credibility with your ideal clients

* Get clients online that pay you real money

* Get referrals from clients and colleagues

* Have a reputation as the “Go To” person

5 Secrets to Online Visibility

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